Cinderella Slot Game Tutorial

May 8, 2023 | Blockchain

Introducing Cinderella Slot Game, a charming theme featured in BitHulk Blockchain Casino powered by Klover Network. Discover how to play and increase your chances of winning the jackpot and big prizes. Take advantage of the freedom to bet on a range of tokens such as BUSD, BNB, BTC, MATIC, ARB, USDT, and ETH, with no limits on the amount you can wager. Visit to explore more exciting gaming experiences.


Cinderella’s Features


A single Dreamy Cinderella symbol may land on one of the reels and activate a feature. Dreamy Cinderella can activate one of the following features: Slipper Trail, Carriage Spin, Fairy Magic, Clock Strike, Ballroom Bonus or Free Spins.

Ballroom Bonus

3 Scroll Symbols on the first, third and fifth reels activate the Ballroom Bonus. A dreamy Cinderella symbol can randomly activate it too. Pick to uncover different colors to fill the corresponding bars. If a bar is filled it will pay the indicated prize. There are four bars that can be filled, each awarding a different prize – 25x, 75x, 200x and 500x the stake. Up to 12 picks can be granted and up to 800x the stake can be won.

Free Spins

3 Castle Symbols on the first, third and fifth reels award randomly between 6 and 15 Free Spins. A dreamy Cinderella can randomly activate Free Spins too. Slipper Trail, Carriage Spin, Fairy Magic and Clock Strike can randomly activate during the Free Spins bonus round. Castle symbols do not appear in FREE SPINS and thus no bonus spins will be awarded during the bonus round.

Slipper Trail

Two Slipper Wild symbols land randomly on two of the reels and generate a trail of Wilds between themselves. Wild symbols substitute for all paying symbols.

Carriage Spin

The carriage swaps a random number of symbols into the same high paying symbol to create at least one winning line! High-paying symbols are the four symbols on the upper row and low-paying are the four symbols on the lower row of the Symbol Wins paytable.

Fairy Magic

The Fairy Godmother removes a random number of symbols from the screen and replaces them with high paying symbols of the same type to create at least one winning line!

Clock Strike

The Clock Strike nudges the reels until they land on a WIN!


Total Stake

The Total Stake is the total of stakes per line. You can adjust it at any time, using the + or – buttons.

Spin the Reels

If you are playing on the desktop, click the Spin button or press the spacebar to spin.

Speed up each reel spin by pressing the spacebar again, or by clicking on the reels. For TURBO SPIN, hold down the spacebar or the Spin button.

Press the TURBO (fast_forward) button to speed up the game!

Gamble Wheel

After a spin which results in a win of more than 0.10 USD, the “Gamble” button is activated and the player may enter the Gamble game for a chance to increase their win.

The Gamble Wheel offers the player true odds and always plays 100% randomly. The player can configure the Gamble using the following options:

  • Pressing the plus button increases the potential win on the ladder and recalculates the wheel’s chances. Pressing the minus button decreases the potential win. 
  • The green section of the wheel displays the exact chance of winning. 
  • The red section displays the exact chance of losing. If the player commits to pressing the Gamble button, the pointer within the wheel will spin. 
  • If the pointer lands in the green area, the player wins the highlighted prize which they chose in advance. 
  • If the pointer lands on the red area the Gamble is over and the player returns to the slot game.
  • The player doesn’t have to collect the winnings manually. They are auto-collected after every Gamble round. 
  • Press the “Collect” button to collect your winnings and return to the slot game.
  • If the Gamble feature is closed, the player cannot return to the feature unless they win another round in the slot game. 
  • The Gamble feature is disabled during auto-play. Jackpot winnings cannot be gambled.
  • The values related to each symbol, shown either on the slot scene or on the dedicated Symbol Wins pages of the Pays menu, represent stake multipliers and not credits.
  • Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the Paytable.
  • If you are playing a Lines game, the prize value from one payline is equal to the total stake multiplied by the symbol multiplier advertised in the Paytable. 
  • Where multiple wins occur on multiple win lines, the total win values are summed. 
  • If more than one win occurs on the same payline, the largest win is paid. 
  • Each individual payline can pay only once per spin.
  • If you are playing a Ways or a Cluster game, the prize value from one way or winning cluster is equal to the payout advertised in the paytable. 
  • Where multiple wins occur in multiple ways or clusters, the total win values are summed.

During the Free Spins bonus rounds, the game uses a different set of reel strips.

  • If there is a Scatter Symbol in the game, all wins will be paid in addition to any other symbol wins occurring on the same spin.

* Please be aware that each account allows only a single game to be played at any one time. Therefore, a game should not be played on more than one device, or multiple games on the same device simultaneously. Doing so may lead to various errors.

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