Klover Network Multi-Asset Yield Farming Tokens and NFTs

Mar 24, 2023 | Blockchain

Yield Farming is a popular concept in decentralized finance (DeFi) that allows users to earn rewards by staking their cryptocurrency holdings. Essentially, yield farming involves lending or staking your digital assets to a DeFi platform in exchange for rewards in the form of more cryptocurrency. In the case of Klover Network, this process is referred to as “Real Yield Farming.” By purchasing and staking $KVN tokens on the platform, investors can earn rewards in the form of tokens generated from a calculated percentage of the platform’s revenue pool.

Determine the reward payout

To determine the reward payout, the percentage is calculated using the following formula:

  • R is the previous month’s revenue pool. 
  • S is the stake amount.
  • T is the staking tier multiplier.
  • L is the lock period multiplier
  • N is the number of stakes. 

By tying the staking rewards to the platform’s revenue, Klover.Network can establish a sustainable business model that avoids the risk of overpaying speakers and causing a significant drop in token prices, which is a common issue in many other DeFi projects.

Liquidity Pools

Klover Network, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has recently announced its plans to introduce three new LP pools to its platform. These pools will allow users to participate in yield farming with various pairs, including 

  • ETH x KVN
  • USDT x KVN
  • USDC x KVN 
  • and future more pools.

NFT Liquidity Pools

Especially, Klover Network will be rolling out a unique feature for game publishers who hold Klover NFT License. These users will be able to stake their NFTs alongside $KVN tokens, earning both $KVN rewards and credits that can be used on their own platform.

This innovative approach to yield farming and NFT staking sets Klover Network apart from other DeFi platforms. By offering a diverse range of yield farming options, including both popular stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, Klover Network provides users with the flexibility to tailor their investment strategies to their preferences.

Moreover, by enabling NFT staking with $KVN, Klover Network creates a new use case for NFTs beyond their traditional value as collectibles. This move is a testament to Klover Network’s commitment to fostering innovation in the DeFi space and providing its users with unique and profitable opportunities.