Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online

May 15, 2023 | Blockchain

This is a fishing game on BitHulk powered by Klover Network that provided several times odds of boom and 20 types of fish. The player selects the times of odds, focuses the target, and then shoots it. More booms are shot on the same fish, more chances you will catch it in the same odds.

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online
  • When the fish is caught, the player will gain the scores.
  • Double clicking the fish, it will be focused. And the boom will auto-adjust by the site of the fish.
  • The rest of the boom will be faded out and it won’t cost the player’s money, after the fish is caught.
  • When you shoot the boom, the money will be deducted from your account. In case there is a connection error or any interruptions due to the technical issues, which resulted in the player unable to continue the game, coins will be settled based on the last balance.

Rule of Fishing Game

Happy Moment

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 1

Players gain 1 point after hitting a Clam, accumulate 5 points to trigger a moment of Joy. You will have a chance to get bonus time. It means you may get 5 seconds to catch the fish with a 1-6 score. A bonus prize means you will get a special score which made by normal score * times.

The score will be clean after the HAPPY MOMENT is activated. The score of HAPPY MOMENT will be kept in DOUBLE GAME after the player leaves the room.

Fish for double

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 2

High prize fish is 40-100 times as normal. During the game, it will change any time. The bonus that the player gets is what the high prize fish is.

Black Catfish

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 3

Catch Black Catfish to trigger black hole, capture any 4 fishes nearby the black hole. Black Catfish Reward: Black Catfish + fishes that you successfully catched nearby the black hole.

Fish is coming

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 4

In the room, the fish will come occasionally in a period of time. There are lots of fish to be captured by the player.

Poppy Crab

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 5

Catch Popper-Crab to kill all the fishes (below 10x) in room

Goldfish strike

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 6

During the game, the player will have a golden fish in the game room. When there is a goldfish, all the gold fish will be refreshed in the room.

Star Bomb

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 7

Catch Star Bomb to receive 10x reward, cannon will upgrade to Star Bomb Cannon, may receive additional 20 to 100 bullets. If the free bullet hits another Star Bomb, it may receive more bullets, accumulating up to a maximum of 999 bullets. If a player quits room or disconnects from the game, the remaining free bullet will be saved.

Giant Octopus

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 8

Super boss Giant Octopus may show up any time, with rewards up to 1000x.

Dragon King Cannon

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 9

Click Dragon King Cannon to upgrade the cannon, and may only attack fishes above 10x, each bullet of Dragon King Cannon costs 10x of normal bullet.

Turtle God

Jackpot Fishery Fishing Game Online 10

Hit Turtle God may randomly receive 100x to 300x reward. Turtle God will not die after a player successfully hits it, the player may hit it continuously to get more reward until the Turtle God leaves.

Fish species that have a chance to win prizes

1.Bonus Phoenix: 66, 88, 168, High jackpot

2.Bonus Dragon: 60, 120, 180, High jackpot

3.Bonus Shark: 160, 240, 320、 High jackpot

4.Bonus Chest: 3, 168, 666, 888, High jackpot

5.Special fish (Fish for Double、 boss, SuperBoss) 

How to win prize and doubling up prize on fishing game:


  • Bet 5 and above stand a chance to win,
  • Bet 10 and above to double-up prize, bet 80 and above to double-up x2 prize.

2.Mega Price

  • Bet 0.8 and above stand a chance to win
  • Bet 2 and above to double-up prize.

3.Grand Price

  • Bet 0.2 and above stand a chance to win.
  • Bet 0.6 and above to double-up prize.

Notes: The more you bet, the higher the chance you win Jackpot.

Fish Rate

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